Hiking addicts!

Hiking addicts!

Camping holidays, local parks, nice sunny weather… All of these evoke outdoors activities, with the most popular being hiking! The UK is an amazing playground when it comes to hiking, but even at a more local level. Municipalities have made parks, river and canal-sides and small forests very pedestrian-friendly. It is not difficult to find a place where to go for a quick and pleasant stroll nowadays. Even some big companies have ‘green spaces’ to allow their employees to go on a refreshing walk! I certainly enjoy the challenge of a big hill, especially when there is the potential for an amazing view and for cool selfies!

I was looking into interesting data that I could share, but it ended up being quite difficult to find robust reports… I did find two interesting pieces of information. The first comes from the Snowdonia park. It explains how, after a peak of visitors in 2009 (over 4.2 million), numbers have been progressively decreasing (below 3.7 million visitors in 2013). The technique used to assess this is called ‘STEAM’ (Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor) and it assesses the number of tourists based on a variety of economic factors. You can imagine that it is not easy to find out how many people went for a hike during last summer in the peak district, for example. With the same technique, visitor numbers have increased in the past 6 years in the Lake district… this may mean that more people spend their holidays in the Lake District! Admittedly, it is not the best report format for discussing hiking numbers…

The second piece of information came from the Department for transport and ‘Sport England’. It investigates walking and cycling statistics. Focusing on the walking part, it concludes that there has been an increase in physical activity in the UK with people walking more often each week (at least 20 minutes). The main reason quoted for the increase is people walking around for utility (going to work,...). The areas of the country where people walk the most regularly are in London but the rise in figures has been the most significant in Test Valley, Gosport and Coventry!

I feel like it is our duty to rejuvenate the interest for our wonderful countryside, and one way to do so, is to organise trips and hikes! We have an outdoors community on Ononga which benefits already from the existence of clubs around the country. Why not create your own club?


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