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Struggling to find a sports buddy?
Want to see the next superhero movie with like-minded people?
Just moved to a new place and looking for an activity to do or a group to join?

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Ononga is derived from the word hononga meaning ‘connection’ in the Maori language. This is what Ononga is all about!

Sharing your hobbies, sports and passions with people in the real world and discover new ones along the way...

Prepare yourself to never be bored again!


Find activities and events around you.


Join a group of people who share your passion.


Reach more people through our communities.


No clutter! Ononga is ad-free.

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Users are verified through peer-to-peer ratings.

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It is free to use... that's more money towards your activities!


Do you manage a business?

Ononga is all about bringing local businesses
and venues closer to people. Get involved now!

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